Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)

Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Design
512 Means St., Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0156
Phone 404-894-4960 (V/TTY)
Fax 404-894-9320

To contact specific CATEA staff members, please see our Staff Directory.


CATEA is now located just south of the Georgia Tech campus, sharing a building with AMAC Accessibility Solutions.


From Marietta Street you can either turn onto Means Street (the corner with Salvation Army and Engineers Bookstore) or Bankhead Avenue (near the post office), depending on how GPS may guide you.

Means Street: Once on Means Street you'll take a sharp curve to the right after the Salvation Army and you'll see a building with 512 on the left side and a gate, but it's only an exit gate. If there's parking open next to the building, feel free to park there. Do not park across the street at Canine Phd. Otherwise, keep driving to the stop sign at the end of the block and you'll see a little guard shack directly in front of you.

Bankhead: If you turned onto Bankhead Avenue, then it brings you directly to the guard shack entrance. That's the entrance to the parking lot (free).

Drive as far left as possible in the lot, close to 512 and the exit gate. When you walk in, check in with the receptionist for AMAC Accessibility Solutions. The CATEA offices are on the 3rd floor.